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No Dice in the Mojave

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A5 Hardback Photobook.

84 Pages.

Including text from Charles Bock.

Signed and numbered.

Edition of 40.

“No Dice in the Mojave” is an exploration of America’s once bustling gambling capital, now a quiet suburban town, just several miles from the notorious Las Vegas Strip. The North side of Las Vegas (previously the Las Vegas strip) consists of several suburban neighbourhoods, schools and small independent retailers. After the criminal ‘mob’ scene left North Las Vegas during the 1990’s, this area of Las Vegas was mostly abandoned.

The documentary project was inspired by Las Vegas born author ‘Charles Bock’s’ (b1969) 2008 novel titled ‘Beautiful Children’, which follows the journey of a group of teenagers, some runaways, who leave home searching for adventure in Las Vegas,

No Dice in the Mojave” draws the 'adventure' and ‘search’ from the base of Bock’s novel, and presents a journey through the streets of suburban Las Vegas through photography, text and archive material.

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