Bring it Back. (March 2018)

Celebrating the nostalgia of old technology, one bluetooth file transfer at a time.

The Nokia C2 was first released in 2011 and was a replacement of its predecessor the Nokia 2730 classic. Over the years the phone has built quite the reputation for its resilience and battery life, widely considered as your standard 'fallback phone', but not so much for its photographic abilities.

Having grown up being careless and often breaking the phones that I did have, I became quickly familiar with the infamous back up, and it definitely got the job done. So why is it then, that we, in this day and age, feel the need to constantly update, upgrade and refresh the phones that we use? What is wrong with the perfectly functioning devices that we already own?

In this photobook I set out to challenge the mindset of the constant keeping up to date, turning our backs on the perfectly functioning tools we own. By photographing my life through the Nokia C2's 3.2MP built in camera, I question the relationship between modern design, photography and technology to show that a device considered as 'useless' by many, really has a beauty of its own.

The following images are the result of this photography enquiry, all edited (if at all) in-phone and painstakingly transferred via bluetooth individually to myself.

Self Published in March 2018.

20 page A5 zine.

Signed and numbered.

Edition of 15.

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