Brute/Change your Perspective. (June 2018)

You've seen one or two, maybe even a handful, but it would definitely be hard to miss one. They dominated the skyline decades ago, grey in shade and shape alike. Not to be ignored and beautiful in their own right, Brutalist buildings are the pinnacle of weight and expression in modern architecture.

'Brute' was created to simplify and demonstrate the elegance of the raw concrete- set into the ground during a time of flamboyance and residential pride, but mostly seen today as a mere remnant of the weird and wacky 1970s.

Through a journey from London's Brutalist towers, to the post-soviet Brutalist buildings in Poznan, Poland, 'Brute' demonstrates the uniformity in the Brutalist movement, the use of raw materials and the strong, uniform shapes set in concrete.

But in our lives, how can we turn away from our glass balconies and brick houses and admire the simplicity of Brutalist architecture?


Feel the concrete, admire the craftsmanship, try to buy a flat in a Brutalist building (they're bloody expensive) ,appreciate the timelessness, but above all, visit them with your own eyes while they're still in the ground.

Some of the them may not be for much longer.

Self Published in June 2018.

34 page, A4 zine.

Signed and numbered.

Edition of 15.

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